4.8 completed on September 30, 2018

Reviewed by Danette G. for Myles Zomok

Myles was great to work with he stayed on top of my loan and made the loan process very painless. Great customer service from the whole team that helped me get through the whole process!

5.0 completed on September 30, 2018

Reviewed by Randy P. for Myles Zomok

Lancaster, CA
Very good communication from Myles and the entire Las Vegas office staff. Very happy and pleased with the outcome and entire process!!

5.0 completed on September 27, 2018

Reviewed by Terry M. for Myles Zomok

North Las Vegas, NV
Myles is very professional and knowledgeable about the loan process. He made the experience easy and worry free.

5.0 completed on September 10, 2018

Reviewed by Jonathan C. for Myles Zomok

Las Vegas, NV
Myles is and his team are simply awesome. Love the "we'll get it done" attitude no matter what, they communicate with you regularly so you always no were you are at throughout the process and just a pleasant group to work with!

4.0 completed on September 9, 2018

Reviewed by Timothy H. for Myles Zomok

Henderson, NV
Myles has an excellent team with him who were very helpful and attentive when I had questions or needed clarification. And when it's your first time with such a big moment like buying a home, such things are important to say the least.

4.8 completed on September 8, 2018

Reviewed by Edward B. for Myles Zomok

Henderson, NV
It was a pleasure to work with Myles and Melanie. They’re good people and were really helpful whenever needed. Looking forward to working with them again !

5.0 completed on September 7, 2018

Reviewed by Nathan S. for Myles Zomok

Henderson, NV
Great experience and very smooth transaction

4.8 completed on September 7, 2018

Reviewed by Darius D. for Myles Zomok

Las Vegas, NV
My experience with Myles was awesome he worked diligently to get me approved my for my loan. It was a lenghthy process due to my situation but he delivered as promised. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone. Myles is the Man!

5.0 completed on August 18, 2018

Reviewed by Joshua T. for Myles Zomok

Henderson, NV
I cannot thank Myles and his team enough for their help and support with the purchase of our new home. Myles and his team did a wonderful job. Myles was very patient and helped us with any thing we needed along with sending us any information we requested. Myles really help put our minds at ease during a stressful time. Thank you Myles and team at Mann Mortgage for the great experience.

5.0 completed on August 16, 2018

Reviewed by Nicole M. for Myles Zomok

Henderson, NV
He was so patient with us. When we had questions he took the time to explain and offer advice. He never made us feel uncomfortable. He was sincere and honest. We cannot say enough great things! We were referred to him by a friend and we will not hesitate to refer him to another friend. Thank you for the experience Myles!

4.2 completed on August 16, 2018

Reviewed by Randy M. for Myles Zomok

Henderson, NV
Mann mortgage worked with me to get the job done. Thanks.

5.0 completed on August 15, 2018

Reviewed by Rafael A. for Myles Zomok

Las Vegas, NV
Very professional, knowledgeable and responsive. I am most impressed with the turnaround and how quick he and his team are.

5.0 completed on August 13, 2018

Reviewed by Kiko S. for Myles Zomok

Las Vegas, NV
Great job getting through the house process.

5.0 completed on August 11, 2018

Reviewed by Jeff L. for Myles Zomok

Las Vegas, NV
From beginning to end, Myles and his team were understanding of my needs and walked me through this process with very little stress. We closed faster than expected and got me the deal I wanted. The entire process went smoother than expected for a first time home buyer and I would gladly refer them or use them again to purchase my next home.

4.8 completed on August 7, 2018

Reviewed by Jerome B. for Myles Zomok

Henderson, NV
-Clear description of pre-approval process through closing. -Willingness to answer questions in a very timely manner. -Polite, courteous, and genuine demeanor. -Effective communicator with our builder and our realtor. -Closing went smoothly with no surprises.

3.5 completed on July 27, 2018

Reviewed by Heath E. for Myles Zomok

Las Vegas, NV
With everyone involved it would have made my life and stress level better knowing that internal communication was going on. Also what would have made my experience better is knowing that my file was complete at least one week prior to closing which would have given ample time for any last minute contingencies.

5.0 completed on July 2, 2018

Reviewed by Natalie Y. for Myles Zomok

Las Vegas, NV
Myles and his team provided great customer services. They took the time to answer all of my questions. They were quick to respond to e-mails and phone calls. I would recommend them to anyone looking for finance help

5.0 completed on July 1, 2018

Reviewed by Sheena S. for Myles Zomok

Las Vegas, NV
Es realmente una persona muy profesional y l verdad llevo mi prestamo en tiempo récord y mientras ustedes les proporcionen todos los documentos que ellos necesitan siempre tendrán muy buen trabajo recuerden es trabajo en equipo para lograr obtener el mejor resultado...gracias equipo por qué ahora disfruto de la tranquilidad de saber que tengo un hogar fijo....mil bendiciones y espero todo siga como hasta ahora genial...

5.0 completed on June 21, 2018

Reviewed by Laurel R. for Myles Zomok

Las Vegas, NV
Myles explained the whole process of buying a house when I knew nothing as a first-time buyer.

5.0 completed on June 20, 2018

Reviewed by Samantha G. for Myles Zomok

Henderson, NV
As a single mom with a disabled child, owning a home never seemed like a possibility. Then I was referred to Myles. I went into the process with an "I'm sure you can't help me" attitude but by the time we finished our first meeting I was excited at the possibilities. Myles & Melanie took the time to teach me, review all my options to find the best fit for me & my family, get me on schedule with timelines & documentation and really made me feel like my dream was their dream too.

5.0 completed on June 18, 2018

Reviewed by Michael C. for Myles Zomok

Myles takes the time to make sure you understand every aspect of the process and your options. He isn't afraid to put in the legwork to run several different scenarios to ensure you get the best possible outcome. All in all, he makes the process simple and worry-free.

5.0 completed on June 15, 2018

Reviewed by Valerie E. for Myles Zomok

North Las Vegas, NV
The courtesy and follow-through with your staff. Very good at returning calls and walking us through the process as we were going along. All parties involved were very professional. Would definitely use them again if we were to take out another loan.

5.0 completed on June 15, 2018

Reviewed by Sam P. for Myles Zomok

Myles is the best Canadian I know ehh... Ours was a little bit of a complicated situation but he handled every issue like the pro he is and we greatly appreciate his knowledge and expert advice.

5.0 completed on June 12, 2018

Reviewed by David M. for Myles Zomok

Henderson, NV
Everything went very well and the paperwork was done in a timely manner

5.0 completed on June 12, 2018

Reviewed by Tony L. for Myles Zomok

Las Vegas, NV
Myles was professional and helpful throughout all the steps of the loan process.

Las Vegas

You guys are the BEST. I would recommend you all to everyone. Thanks for everything!


Las Vegas

Thank you Myles Zomok for helping us get our mortgage done so we could buy my dream home! :)


Sherry E
North Las Vegas

The process was all fantastic. Myles was so professional and courteous. I told him that
people should take lessons from him!


Tiffany B
Las Vegas, NV

I would just like to say that Myles and his team went above and beyond for my family! They were able to get us the best possible interest rate and find us savings. I recommend using Myles and his team for your lending needs.

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